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    Uplift your skills and
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    The absolute quantity of data generated everyday exceeds the demand of
    Big Data Professionals and Data Scientist to manage and analyze the data followed by
    Cloud Computing and IoT Professionals for easy data collaboration.

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    Learn the technologies
    of tomorrow, the silicon
    valley way

    Enhance your existing skills or dive into new concepts and prepare for a
    successful career move tailored by industry project portfolios. With certification,
    get ahead with an array of projects to impress any employer.

About the Academy

One of the world's premier academic and research institutions, the D2Academics has driven new ways of thinking in this competitive era. Today, D2Academics is an intellectual destination that draws inspired individuals and professionals to uplift their skills with the careers of new age technologies, keeping D2Academics at the nexus of ideas that challenge and change the world.



The sexiest job of 21st Century

Analytics for everyone

In this course you don’t have to be mathematician or data scientist. The concepts are simple yet powerful to analyze hidden insights and patterns.

Big Data Analytics

Big data technology is revolutionizing the computing power of massive amount of data. Empower yourself with this revolutionary technology.

R Fundamentals

Acquire all the knowledge that you need on R and R-studio to complete the most machine learning widely used language and tools.

Machine Learning

Do you want to construct systems of artificial intelligence? Register to our machine learning courses and make predictions of large amount of data.


With a job score of 4.8 out of 5 professionals and a median base salary approximately of $110,000. A Data scientist job remains as the top job in America with a shortage of 2,720,000 professionals and followed by other technology jobs.


200 % +

Average Salary

$ 110K +


4 million +

Job Satisfaction


The Job Of Tomorrow

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