D2Immense Automation

Get far more intelligence in the palm of your hand on how your business is operating to predict and take accurate decisions of the business.

What is D2Immense Automation? Previously all systems generate massive huge amount of data on day to day basis and due to the lack of advancement in storage of massive continuous stream of data. Data’s either end up deleted or only few required data gets extracted from the rest. With a recent discovery to Big Data technologies and analyzing the continuous stream of data first adopted by few giant mnc’s gave them a competitive era over others.


Medical and Healthcare

Medical and Healthcare

  • Predict the outbreaks of epidemics and prevent avoidable diseases.
  • D2Immense and Automation can also be used to trigger warnings or reminders based on patients medical records, lab results or demographic history etc.
  • D2Immense and Automation coupled with IOT will provide you real time insights from various either from sensors or shared information of everyday work sleep, exercise or every sort of patients behavior from glucose monitoring to blood pressure etc can help making life saving decisions.
Financial Data

Financial Data

  • D2Immense and Automation enables you to create distinct segments either based daily transaction or customer demographics to optimize the process of allocating financial resources.
  • Take the leverage of analyzing the big data to engage risk management through analysis of complete portfolio.
  • Solve Capital Budgeting to Capital Project that are worth funding.
  • Recognize abnormal trading patterns.
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Manufacturing and Production:

  • Identify visibility of supply chain performance over time and manage risk to efficiently forecast and manage ABC analysis.
  • Predict the output for better decision making process.
  • Discover unexpected insights for cost effective maintenance .
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  • Deal Big with Big Data create target segments ranging from customer to financial to a customize profitable strategy.
  • Understand the customer behavior journey to optimize the marketing and advertising performance.
  • Use data driven intelligence to more clearly define your decision making process.
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Food/Culinary Production

  • With the power of big data identify and get full visibility of the food lifecycle of where it is coming from or how it is produced to distribution. Use D2Criterions to identify the cost effective channel of resources whether it is directly from farm or a retailer.
  • Predict agriculture and its production with precision to determine the best crops, to yield estimate the amount and type of fertilizers and improve overall decision making.
  • Identify the correct supply and demand and avoid the wastage of resources.
  • Even determine the most cost-effective disposal strategy for foodservice operations.
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Census Analysis

  • Free yourself from worries about tsunami amount of data that generates from survey and analyze them with ease.
  • Get speed in decision making process and simplify massive amount of targets.
  • Fill the gap of creativity with survey.