Will find groups of objects and will classified among their similarities and differences.

It will group your data and it will classifieds for you to be able to identified your subjects by the usage clustering tools until it is organize among their similarities and/or differences


Medical and Healthcare

Medical and Healthcare

  • Group the information from patient’s health history such as physical examination and laboratory results as part of the process in order to make a faster diagnosis.
  • Group a variety of resources information that have similar functions to facilitate the decision making.
  • Classified the patients history by type of observations.
  • The Image clustering goal is to link each image In a database that will classified by labels all the differences or similarities to facilitate the comparison and implement an accurate reading of the images and retrieve CBIR in an easy, faster and powerful image segmentation search engine tool.

Financial Data

Financial Data

D2connections is a procedure where the data relationships are cluster or group by maximizing the intra-class similarities and differences.

  • High Accuracy approach for Stock Market Predictions base on their performances by recognizing patterns and analyzing risks of the prices fluctuations.
  • D2Connections will identified the profit base on previous performances of the complexity for your data and will fitter the risks values of your next investment
  • Data2connection will filter the unnecessary data for an easy, faster and cleaner storage.


  • Use D2connection to identify and segment the customers based on their buying behaviors, then adopted customized strategies for each of these segments in order to target them more effectively.
  • Develop New Potential opportunities for products by determining its positions within the complete sets of other products such as apple iMax and Iphones, Samsung Phone and Samsung Smart watch.
  • Identify homogenous groups of customers based on demographic, age, income and other characteristics to create effective marketing and advertising strategies.
Food Industry

Food Industry

  • We will analyze market chain patterns in order to determine the purchasing habits of the industry from the farmers to the consumers.
  • We will identified for the restaurants industries the data according to the patterns and habits of the consumers, by using exhaustively their taste and preferences in order to help them improve and create new products for their business growth.
  • We will identify Segments of your market based on demand and supply and help you with insights to create customize strategies for your business target and how to reach them more effectively.
Law enforcement

Law enforcement

  • We will detect hidden patterns among the committed crimes that had happen in different times by combining all the common patterns and predicting their future relationships with their differences and similarities.
  • We will assist the personnel by analyzing and understanding of the data reports for them to be able to plan accordingly with their resources in order to be able to inforce the prevention and suppression of criminal activities base on the profiles of the victims, criminals and crimes.
  • We will be able to sketch a criminal picture by speeding up the Facial Recognition tools process.
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  • We will analyze the city data base through census analysis and the traffic of the population where we can observe defines what kind of business is more likely profitable to build according to the income in the area.
  • Predict Natural Calamities: Observed earth quake epicenters should be clustered along continent faults.
  • City Planning: Identify groups of houses according to their house type, values, and geographical location. Also determine what the value of the Land is by analyzing the traffic in the area


  • With D2connections you can determine what parts of the software or the sensors of IOT devises are performing similar then appropriate actions can be tailor to optimize its demand.
  • In Telecom Industry you can enhance the churn rate by determine the customer segmentation and their market.