Will develop all scenarios using predictive Rules to determine the best, least and expected values for the various changes your data can forecast.

What is D2Criterions? Is a branching method that will deliver every possible combination outcome of the condition of the data and/or the criteria you want to have analyzed? Data2Criterions is an efficient way to comprehend and appreciate the possible options of the condition of your data and the infinite range of outcomes it can deliver. Ultimately, it is the faster keys for your complex data condition.


Medical and Healthcare

Medical and Healthcare

  • We can determine the drug relationships of the medications the patient will be taking, without testing on them and providing every possible outcome of the drugs relationships with illness that help the MD., to a better and noninvasive decision for the prescription of any drug.
  • D2Crtierons tools are useful to identify diseases and medical conditions of the patients.
  • D2Criterions will help Optimize any type of research by using a data solutions branching method for a decision making process of various interrelationships of the data sets complexity and the companies in the healthcare system will be able to provide a faster accurate outcomes.
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Financial Data

Financial Data

  • D2Criterions will optimize the process, allocating resources to fulfill their active goals and increasing the value of the company’s shareholders.
  • D2criterions tools will be able to provide a faster insight to any Capital Project from start to finish that requires both significant financial and human resource capital.
  • D2criterions will help accelerate the Financial Decision Making Process that ROI Return of Investment predictions growth also and not limited to Investment appraisal / Capital Budgeting /new machinery /replacement and research funding’s.
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Manufacturing and Production:

  • D2Criterions will help to find the best viable way to improve quality of the manufacture with the respective parameters according to the type of productions.
  • Data2Dimensions will uncover Flaws insights’ of your data business that will help accelerate the productivity.
  • Schedule all your targets with achievements
  • D2Criterions will discover any insight’s in your valuable data for your cost effective maintenance assertively
  • Therefore uplift any manufacturing and production decision making process.

Food/Culinary Production

  • With the variety of ingredients that a culinary business can manage we will be able to help you identify the right product for a healthier and organic production.
  • D2Criterions uses also can identify the cost effective channels of production and/or resources from farm or a retailer data mining strategy’s for foodservices operations.
  • Dietetics practitioners can use the D2Criterions when evaluating implementation of a meal plan and the Medical outcome results of their Patients.
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Marketing and Advertisement

  • D2Criterions will provide creative effective Customer Segmentation for your customize business strategy.
  • D2Criterions will use actionable intelligence to find out the effectiveness and impact of your advertising ads.
  • We can also analyze the promoters’ strengths base of their marketing strategies and channel that has been utilize for their promotional materials.
  • We will be running strategy tests for the marketing and advertising campaigns to be able to minimize the investment risks.
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  • Establish a benchmark
  • Design appropriate survey structure and monitor their performance.
  • Simplify complex survey situations.
  • Fasten the decision making process.


  • Easy problem-solving approach to product design and testing.
  • System analysis with range of outcomes.