Mass your improvement by predicting the ultimate/ benefit.

What is D2Zodiac? D2Zodiac uses predictive modeling to determine the cause and the effect relationship of your organizational resources and the quantification of impact to deliver every possible accurate outcome of your organizational resources. It is one most widely used mathematical approach to predict the cause and the effect of your organizational resources.


Medical and Healthcare

Medical and Healthcare

  • Identify prognostic relevant risk factors and the calculation of risk scores for individual prognostication.
  • Determine and predict Drug effects/response on targeted diseases without actually implementing to the patients.
  • Find accurate estimate of cost of treating the disease.
  • Identify patients who may be at risk of a particular condition.
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Financial Data

Financial Data

  • Create accurate estimate of revenue projections by anticipating the needs of the customers in advance.
  • Resource Optimization: Shrink extraordinary expenses and optimize the process of allocating resources.
  • Get real time fraud detection and prevention within and outside of the organization.
  • Create accurate estimate of customer profiling and profitability analysis.
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Manufacturing and Production:

  • Improve quality of Production with controllable parameters, uncontrolled parameters, dependent parameters or with respective to time, day, raw materials required , type of productions.
  • Uncover Flaws and accelerate the productivity.
  • Forecast effective and efficient method for production planning and control coordination.
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Food/Culinary Production

  • Describe and identify the right product for a healthier menu.
  • Describe and identify which product has a cause and effect relationship with KPIs
  • Even determine the most cost-effective strategy by knowing product has any impact on the profit or not.
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  • Identify real time customer purchase behavior for a profitable business strategy.
  • Identify with accuracy the KPI’s for marketing and advertisement that has a profitable impact
  • Identify the visible cause and effect of marketing and advertising KPI’s over expenses incurred and eliminate the non-profitable channels.
  • Navigate through customers taste and preferences for an effective profitable advertisement .
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Census Analysis

Census Analysis

  • With this scientific approach you can even determine the price of real estates, cars, or any accurate value of a product.
  • Simplify complex survey situations for fasten the decision making process.