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What is D2Dimensions

Data2Dimensions is the integrated
synergy access solutions for your businesses.

In simple way, we analyze the historical data
to understand the pattern and find new insight to
predict the future.



Combined with enrich data collected from sources as postal service, geographical and demographics, the competitor data will help them to understand the customer segments.

  • With this new data driven decision making, Domino’s is able to look the customers buying patterns and also is able to understand multiple consumers living in a household. You will determine who is the dominant buyer and the usage of the coupons by forecasting the predictable profits.
  • Domino’s is clearly moving ahead with advance customer analytics.

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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Sample

  • A great example is Dickey Barbecue Pit Restaurant.
  • Their needs from actionable intelligence can help them in their business growth. So they start to collect demographic data, customer behavioral data and many more.
  • By using Data2Dimension analytics they will be able to identify hidden insights such as the average lunch price and guest attending for 40 years, they are also able to identify that demographics as women with kids and how often they come to enjoy a particular day.
  • By using this information and specialty products they can design how to bring them back in.
  • Dickey’s also found out that most of their customers are football fans and animal lovers. Therefore Dickey’s use this findings as tools for their recurrent Marketing.

Be One Step Ahead

Data2Dimensions will use Machine Learning algorithms from Artificial Intelligence to analyze the data for your business needs and go one step further.

What exactly is Machine Learning ?

Machine Learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that uses complex mathematical algorithms to focus on constructing systems that learn from large amounts of data to make future predictions.

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Identify why do you like the movie, what are the tastes and preferences of your customers for a particular food. Data2Dimensions will help your organization create products based on your customer needs without guessing.

D2Immense Automation

Will find groups of objects and will classified among their similarities and differences.

  • Meet your customers high expectations by constantly keeping up with the changing trends of your business.
  • Get full visibility reports of your products life cycle.
  • Date of the month your products have the highest sale.
  • Age group and location with the maximum dinning frequencies?
  • Dinning frequency based on Gender and age?
  • Date and time of the week a particular plate was sold?
  • Consumption Segmentation of your consumers by gender?
  • Frequency of payment method used according to Plates, price, time and Sales Amounts?
  • And more.

  • Data2Zodiac will give you an average positive or negative impact reports.
  • Predict the solutions by using time or weather, gender, location or age group positive or negative average impact on your future sales.
  • Data2Dimensions can determine if the convenience of a payment type has any impact on the menu selection.
  • Data2Zodiac will give you the factors or reasons of increasing or decreasing the amounts of you sales.
  • Data2Zodiac will predict the outcome of your Sales
  • We will identify if any meal & Beverage have any effect on the Amount of your Sales

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  • Data2Zodiac can also give you and input on the relationships with multiple meals vs beverages and the effect on your consumers.
  • Even Data2Zodiac can find any effect on type of payments for the creation of marketing strategies as loyalty cards, discount coupons .
  • Data2Zodiac offers predictive scores to identify the profitable & non-profitable consumers for you to make a proper marketing strategy decisions for your business.
  • By the usage of your Wi-Fi your customer stays longer in your restaurant and Data2Zodiac offers multiple strategies alleged your feed to upgrade the amount of your sales and collect averages of your data and more, for your future predictions and loyalty of your consumers.


Will find groups of objects and will classified among their similarities and differences.


Data2Connections will be grouping your data by classifying and organizing for your business to be able to identify your consumers, among their similarities and/or differences.

  • Which group of days based on various factors for a period of time have similar performance.
  • Identify what are the items that are related to other items as meals, drinks etc. that will give you an advantage on your sales strategies to increase your sales values buying products or services.
  • Identify how much time the customer takes to select from the menu a group of items to improve the complexity of your business menu.
  • Data2Connections will track and monitor the servers performance based on your business services standards.

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  • Data2Connections will provide an input analysis of your restaurant base on your location, weather, time of the day, type of food and best architecture design offered by your business.
  • Data2Connections will Identify also which of the items of your menu are related with others, based on age, time and loyalty consumers
  • Data2Connections will identify the pattern of the behaviors of the Gender vs Age and what is the most likely product to be purchase.

For example:Identify if the payment type have any impact or relationship with the professional occupation and the type of Credit Card, then you have 1 outcome i.e. gender and which meal they are likely to select and purchase from your menu.


Will Visualize the Decision Making Process


With Data2Lexicon unleash the power of designing a new product by the sentiment of your consumers

  • Identify Positive, Negative or Neutral sentiments based on
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Food, etc.
  • With Data2Lexicon you will Discover what is your customer opinion about your business.
  • Know the best words that are used to describe the best part of the meals they have enjoy from your business including statements as types of meats, if the item chosen is crispy, warm, hot, etc.


  • Core Technology used: numerical calculations.
  • Simple Correlations of data is interpreted.
  • Basic Visual Representation.


  • Core Technology used: AI's Machine Learning
  • Based on Pure Mathematical and Statiscal algorithms.
  • Regression for predective modeling and to find quantification of impact.
  • Boosting and Bagging, Random Forest to identify quickly the cause effect relationship
  • Maximum Entropy for faster decesion making process.
  • Most popular H,K are used for faster and efficient gouping
  • Sentiment, Network Analysis, Naive Bayes, Topic Modeling etc. for contextual analysis.
  • Neural Networks inspired by human brain and nervous system.
  • Capable to analyze Big Data.

  • Get Scientific visualization of analytical reasoning.
  • D2HD allows user to combine their human flexibility, creativity and background knowledge.
  • Get the benefits of comparative meals assessment for a healthier menu.
  • Grow business faster on the base of forecasting.
  • Anticipate the customer’s needs and wants, quickly and efficiently.
  • Even determine the most cost-effective disposal strategy for your business meals and service operations.


Visualize your data in High Definition for easy understanding

How D2DIMENSIONS is beneficial to you?

Visualize your data in High Definition for easy understanding

  • Create custom Strategy, Menu, Profitable Management
  • Understand the behavior of your customer.
  • Design new products based on markets demand.
  • Track and identify the Key Factor Performance’s(KPI’s).
  • Will Empower accurate and faster decision making process.
  • And much more.